Wondering what the game is about? Here you get the answer!

the-cricket-rulesFielding position
Fielders job is only to stop or catch the ball.

What is the Cricket?
Cricket is a team sport. It is an English sport. The course is usually oval and has grass, short cut and about 20 meters in the middle (Pitch), where two kinds of fences (wickets) stand at each end in the middle (Pitch).Cricketpitchmswd It is usually played outside, but there is a course in Sydney and it is played inside.

The ball is made of cork tied together with yarn and worn with two leather pieces, circumference 22,4-22,9 cm, weight 156-163 g. Easy to hold or catch. The color is red in Test, white balls in the T20 and ODI. Balltreet (Bat) is a maximum of 96.5 cm long with a flat, 10.8 cm wide on one side, rounded on the other side to hold it. Bat is made of wood with a rubber handle. Players (Player) usually use white clothes, long trousers, short or long-sleeved shirts, woolen sweaters in cool weather and possibly helmets and caps. The batsmen and the fence keeper (Wicketkeeper) have gloves and leg / knee protection (Pad).

Are there types in the Cricket?
Yes, there are three types in cricket. The oldest type is called Test Cricket, which lasts for five days, but they also get breaks. The newer type is called One Day International, shortened to ODI and lasts almost all day, with breaks. The latest Cricket type is Twenty 20, known as the T20, and lasts for four hours, with breaks for 10-15 minutes. Usually it’s a 10-15 minute break, if it rains then it’s a longer break, in Test Cricket there are more and more breaks.

If you have Batting and shoot the ball outside the pitch without a single bounce, you’ll get six points, if you shoot bouncing no matter how many, you get four points. As much as you run, so many points (Runs) get you and your team. The biggest Batman is Sachin Tendulkar, he is from India, was about 13 years old when he started and when he finished he was 40 years old.

Bowling, The one who throws the ball
There are two types of bowling:
Fast bowler who throws fast, the fastest bowler is Shoaib Akhtar from Pakistan.
Spin bowler, one who throws a bit calmer, but must turn the ball, The best Spin bowler is Saeed Ajmal, who is also from Pakistan.

Wicketkeeper, The one behind Wicket
Wicketkeeper is the one behind Wicket, who often gets the ball.
The best wicketkeeper is Rashid Latif, who is also from Pakistan.

icc-odi-ranking-ah-ram-pali-an-tel-thar5b7660def08eff3ea997a32ffb062484 ICC is like FIFA in football, just for Cricket!


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